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Johnny O'Keefe Tribute

Johnny O'Keefe

Johnny O’Keefe was the pioneer of The Australian popular music industry.

His drive and determination to succeed set a blistering pace as he overcame many personal setbacks to entertain millions of people in Australia and the USA. O’Keefe’s performances were absolutely stunning and often overshadowed international artists who were the headline attractions. His records regularly topped the charts. The ABC-TV series “Six O’clock Rock” and the radio program “Rockville Junction” were Australia’s first national rock-n-roll programs – both compared by the legendary Johnny O’Keefe.

This tribute to Johnny O’Keefe features all of JO’K hits – “Sing”, “She Wears My Ring”, “Move Baby More, “Take My Hand, Six O’clock Rock”, I’m Counting On You”, “She’s My Baby”, Wild One”, “Shake Baby Shake”, “Shout” and many more.


The Johnny O'Keefe Tribute, featuring the Allstars