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Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew


Mark Andrew has a natural flair for the music of Elvis Presley. Like Presley, Mark is a self taught entertainer who has developed into an accomplished guitarist and vocalist.

His career commenced when, as an entertaining waiter in Europe, Mark performed the Presley classic, "Blue suede shoes". He was an instant hit with the audience. On arrival in Australia, Mark soon established a vibrant, youthful rock-n-roll group - the Blue Suede Dudes. This group which featured Mark, captured the feel of the exciting music from the fifties and sixties era.

With the Blue Suede Dudes, Mark performed as the support act for the international twister, Chubby Checker, and at the opening of the refurbished Palais Theatre in Daylesford. Appearances at city hotels and rock-n-roll clubs were frequent. Mark has also performed at many corporate events as well as at prestigious venues such as the Dallas Brooks Hall and the World Congress Centre.

With his innovative drive Mark has developed a number of tribute shows, including his outstanding Elvis Presley. The clothes, the voice and the looks are all there! These shows are performed with Australia's most authentic rock group - the Allstars.